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The Biomes in Minecraft

In Minecraft you will find many different Biomes. Here is a list:

Birch Forest
Extreme Hills
Extreme Hills+
Taiga M (mega)
Jungle M (mega)*
Jungle Edge
Roofed forest
Mushroom Island
Deep Ocean
Flower Forest
Ice Plains
Ice Plains Spikes
Mega Taiga*
Mesa Biome

There are many facts about the biomes. For example:
In a plains biome there is a chance that you find a village! In tundra biomes it doesn't rain, It snows instead.
The jungle biomes are full of big trees and there is a small posibility that you find a Jungle Temple. The dessert biome is not interesting for most people unless you stumble upon a Desert Temple! You can see how many facts there are! I just can't name each of them!!! A good biome to get going is a forest biome but the best is the jungle. In the jungle there are lots of trees that provide you with tons of wood and a cool fact is that because of the insane amount of bushes there aren't many spawnable spaces for mobs which means peaceful nights!

*Please note that there is a difference between Taiga M and Mega Taiga. In Taiga M biome there are larger trees than in Taiga, while in Mega Taiga there are larger trees and random places filled with mossy cobblestone and a block called Podzol.


Plains Biome: Trees are rare in this biome. Holes with water are common and villages can be found. There is also a chance of wolves to spawn.
Extreme Hills(+): A biome with tall mountains and sometimes snow. When mining in this biome Emeralds can be found! There is also lots of exposed coal ore.
Taiga: A biome with spruce trees. Snow is common and wolves can be found!
Mega Taiga: Tall trees with big trunks. Podzol and random veins od mossy cobblestone are common.
Tundra: A difficult biome to start your adventure due to the sarcacity of wood. A snowy biome with no mountains.
Jungle Biome: A jungle with huge trees. Ocelots and jungle temples can be found!
Desert: Not fun unless you find temples! Be aware though! there might be traps!
Roofed Forest: Mushroom shaped trees grow here and there are also some huge mushrooms.
Mushroom Island: A rare biome. It can be found in the middle of an ocean. Mooshrooms live here. Shear them to get mushrooms and right click them with a bowl to get mushroom stew!
Swampland: Lily pads are everywhere and witch huts can be found here.
Ice Plains Spikes: A biome with towers made of ice! Cool biome for cool screenshots and selfies!
Mesa Biome: A colourful biome with mountains made of clay!

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