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Multiplayer, the place where you learn new things, new people, new tips! There are more servers to join than you can imagine!!! Role Playing ones, Mini games, Multiplayer Survival with factions, creative servers, Economics servers and last but NOT LEAST: Hunger Games

Hunger games: Belongs to Mini-games but actually it's a mega game. Many people play and create hunger games servers. Plugins have been developed and hours have been spent on the making of some hg servers.

Multiplayer Survival w/ factions: Normal multiplayer witha difference! People can make teams, ally other groups and enemy the evil ones! A fun type of game to spend your time! Just don't rage quit if you lose your stuff and daimonds on a pvp battle! Keep calm and mine some more!

Role playing aka RP: You lead your character through different situations and stories!

There are many more types of servers but It would take me a bunch more of time to give a refference! Have fun gamer!

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