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There are different worlds to explore while playing Minecraft! The Nether, full of lava and the cries of the Ghast and The End, full of the mighty Endermen and being the home of one of the 2 strongest mobs (or bosses) in Minecraft: The Ender Dragon.
The Nether

Basic information about the Nether:

The mobs

The Zombie pigmen are The Nether's equal of zombies. They carry Gold swords and if you hit one all the nearby pigmen will come to attack you! They drop gold swords, rotten flesh and gold nuggets.

The Ghast

The Ghast is a ghost like creature usually flying in open spaces. It throws fire chargers which you can hit and force them back to the Ghast. If killed it will drop either gunpowder or ghast tear which is used in potion brewing.

The Blaze

Usually spawns from a spawner but it also spawns naturally. It hurls fireballs at you and catches fire randomly. You can heart the Blaze with snowballs and then kill it with your sword. It will drop a blaze rod.

The Wither skeleton

The Nether's equal of skeleton. It carrys a ston sword and if the skeleton hits you you will get the wither effect and start losing health. If killed it will drop stone sword or coal. It will rarely drop a head.

The Magma cube:

Slime like mob, drops magma cream if killed.

The ores

The ores you can find are the Nether quartz and the glowstone block.

The Nether Quartz ore:

A Glowstone vein:

Nehter Fortresses can also be found!

The End (coming soon!)

The End is another world in Minecraft which you can explore. It is full of Endermen and nothing else can spawn there unless you use an egg. In the end lives the Ender Dragon. The big obsidian pillars have a strange rotating block on top of them. These blocks regenerate the health of the Ender Dragon, so don't try to damage the Ender Dragon if you haven't destroyed that top block. The health regenerator (rotating block) can be easily destroyed either by using arrows and a bow or by reaching the top (god knows how) and destroying it with your fist.

Tips to kill the dragon:
Don't expect the dragon to sit by next to you so you can hit it with your sword. It will keep flying and attacking you with it's body. You can use arrows to hit it from afar. Just be careful when it comes to hit you. Its knockback rate is very high (you might even get knocked off the world).
When the dragon's health is REALLY low wait till he is above solid ground, then hit him and kill him. You don't want him to die and drop the dragon egg in the void! A way to get the dragon egg is to punch it so it teleports somewhere else. Then do the torch trick (check videos on the internet for more details).

How to "use" The End:
There aren't many things to do in The End except making an enderman farm. Enderman farms are tricky to build but it's worth it!

That concludes the worlds of Minecraft page! More content about Minecraft coming sooooooooooon!!!

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