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Welcome guys to Page 03! Again this part of my site has NOTHING to do with Daily Life!

The story I mentioned in the post above called "The curse of Rockhopper island" will now be cancelled. I want no one to ask why and by that I MEAN THAT!

Hello! This is just some random post! Did the tips on the right work?
See you next time guys.
Is there anyone in your life who is very very annoying to you? Well then look here! Use these tips:

1. Just ignore them.

2. Stay away from whoever it is.

3. Don't start swearing at them! Find something interesting so they would go to that and leave you alone!
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4. Learn kung fu or karate (a bit like in the picture above) then threaten them by saying something like "if you don't stop annoying me then I will use kung fu/karate.
d the
5. If none of these worken check out other sites. Those were the four I could think of.
Ok, I take back the tip about not swearing. If they really REALLY annoy you then you may just have to.
Have you seen this! This is guaranteed to NOT waste 10 seconds of your life. Try it!

Hello people!! I have decided that for the rest of the time I have my site that the font I will write in is Comic Sans. So, on to the subject! Have any of you tried to find any famous penguins but never succeeded on Club Penguin? Well here I have the trackers for the famous penguins on CP.

Rockhopper Tracker

Aunt Arctic:
Aunt Arctic Tracker

Chrisdog93 Tracker

Cadence Tracker

Rookie Tracker

Gary Tracker

Sensei Tracker

Penguin Band:
Penguin Band Tracker

Hope this helps!

Waddle On!
Sorry, the trackers don't work.
[picture not found]

Hello guys for the second time! I have got a part in Gypsy a musical fable! It is at the Watford palace theatre 14th May- 19th May. Anyway the next rehaersal I am going to is on the 6th March! I am getting a bit bored of waiting! It is just really very very fun to rehearse and I have NEVER done anything like this!! The director is Alan Cox and Watford Operatic Society is presenting it. I just CANNOT wait!! I hope to be an actor when I grow up and this would DEFINITELY help!! I hope you can watch! It is about ............................... (ha ha you don't know what it's about!) There is a poster of the 1993 film at the top (if you wondered what it was about.)
Hi guys!! You know have any of you ever wondered what it means on Club Penguin when pookies/baby's say "Sees the light. Moves torwards the light." Well it means that they see a light they move towards it because it is so beautiful then they walk towards it and POOF!!! It was a trap, so it either means that the pookie/baby dies or that the pookie/baby goes into the light and NEVER comes back. If you already knew this then you could use this info I told you to say stuff like "holds down" or "stops" etc. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Bye!
Please visit my new blog by the URL. The URL is: http://alexsblogdotme.wordpress.com/
This is the first section I written in a while because of my new blog! I am very sure that there will be a
page 3 soon. Well that's the end of this section!
Hello guys! Crikey it's been a long time since I posted my last post. Well there is not much to say but be sure, the fifth story of King Albus Finnegan shall be written!

See ya.
As part of the wait for King Albus Finnegan 5, I declare that Crystal shall be returning! She will be dead but she will return. That may confuse you but you will realise what I mean.


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