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Sorry for my last post. It's really weird and depressing....

I'm back. Though I didn't want to come back.
I just read a really good book called Less. It's got nice writing. I wish I could reccomend better authors, or at least more diverse ones. Angie Thomas is also really good. I want to read on the come up.

From Gina
This is a weird thing to write , but I'm leaving. This is my last day here. My last blog post, my last conversation, my last (online school day.) I'll never see any of my friends again. I'm moving away. It feels strange, but I'm going to be happy. A whole new fresh life for myself. It's going to be amazing and shocking and full of stunning Beauty.

A new fresh life filled with freedom. Infinte beautiful cosmic lives filled with terrible devastating freedom.

So I'm saying goodbye. Au revior, as French-speaking Gina of 2019 would say. Bye Bye Bye Bye, because this is my last blog post....my last last blog post blog post....maybe even the last thing I will ever write.

It's all explained in this other note I wrote today. Goodbye.

I deleted my youtube channel. It is so strange. I put so much of my time into it, sucked so much of my life....and it was all basically worthless. I wish I never came back here. it's all very worthless.
All the old stuff I used to watch. It made me very angry. It really expoilted lots of kids and it was just a horrible horrible place..........
All my youtube videos. Everything.
And now its gone. Good. good. I prob will be gone as well....soon. I miss my old life so much.
ariel, ariel, ariel. All my history all the time I spent on here. It was all so stupid. And it caused me so much pain. Typing is horrible. and I won't explain why.

I thought I liked this guy. He seemed nice, but he has another girl as his discord profile picture. That seems so foolish....I don't know.....I feel very depressed, I've got that void feeling again....it happens as soon as I look at u. I still haven't done my assingment yet............

I feel like I'm in such a terrible void, but anyway, if you (you know who you are are reading this) I want you to know I miss you so much.
I miss seeing your face, I miss everything about you. I especially miss your smell. I really miss talking to you, and I miss my old self. I wonder if you miss me, or am I just nothing to you, and the ideal of you I created is it just a mist. If I were to die...is it a sin to bring children into this world? Is there such a thing as God, sophia, sophia.

Well. Goodbye. This is probably my last post. Sorry if it seems melodramatic to you...I keep on getting disappointed here.....No appreicatiation, no joy no comfort do I find. I live for you alone wandering rocks.

Love, -G (D.V)
Ok, last post for the day. i promise!!!
I promise I wwill post some better photos, because all you have now is my stupid face in different clothes. Unless you're my secert admrier, It really has no interest for you. I just need to charge my camera. I really want to get a film camera actually- but is it always going to be insincere, lost in the shadow of my past. Our past???

Ps- Im really sorry for pretending I could speak French. i could not

I figured out how to break the pages (it was stupidly easy) but I also realised I have limited space on this thing. So if I ever disappear, you know why.
I'm wearing my glasses right now. Here's another picture of me wearing them. They make everything a LOT clearer. It's mostly for my depth perception.....I'm always stumbling around. But I can see very well without them, it's just one eye that's bad. which is why my coordination is so horrible.

Hello everyone. It's Gina, obviously. - 25. 7. 21.
I kind of want to get 500 vists but I feel like I don't want to get obessed with that stuff.
I really wish I could go back to my old life. I feel like so much of this blog is self obession. Ha, if anyone I knew read this I would be extremely humilated.Expect AP. I'm not sure if you can find this by looking me up, but whit did. I want to write more about other people, because they and there stories are so much more important than me.... but is this, this litreal MEworld, really going to do anything? I might as well try. So, what have I been doing today? I don't have much news about my life. expect I have the most horrible blister on my foot. I'm reading this book by ken follett. It is interesting, and there is a good romance in it...however as usual for this writer the love descriptions are seriously bizzare. I also got banned from the christian fourms (Long story)

Ok, well, that's all. Also I posted about athiest fourms, but i am not an athiest. defiently not. I don't know why you would care. I think I'm going to delete my acc there....I guess I only joined to spite the christian fourms (I didn't do anything bad don't worry.)

Speaking of theism, Im supposed to be doing my religon assingment right now....I'm doing aristole. I know. They are going a bit nuts at my school now.... the meaning of life etc etc. Religon intrests me a LOT....i used to read the bible all the time, mostly the nt. My friend is a muslim and Ap comes from a buddhist family but her parents also worship chiniese gods. I go to a catholic school, and my family is catholic, I guess, but I was never baptised. I go to an Anglican youth group, and it was so weird, the 1st time I was the only 1 to cross themselves when we prayed.

I decided to retake the questionarie I made up for myself. Just for my own fun. I'm prob going to post some poltical stuff on here, some book reviews, and maybe some photography...whatever interests me. And rants. Well, I hope not. I really should be doing my assingment....I have 2 do a ted talk. (yes.)

What is your favourite Movie? - my favourite movie...I saw this really cool german movie called in bin dein mensch (I'm your man.) It was good, but i don't know. Its not my favourite. I like the actresses Greta Garbo JG and M.M. It's tragic what was done to them. I mostly like doccumentries.
What is your favourite Episode story? I don't read episode stories anymore. I could write a whole blog post about it.
What is your favourite book? I have so so many but probably Lola Rose. I also like Ballet Shoes and A Little Princess. These are all very good books. I'm not going to tell you my favourite book but my reading has advanced since then. A LOT.
Your favourite YouTuber? Freshtastical (this was a weird guy but not that embarssing) LuxuryPranks and SsniperWolf (!!!! I'm not even going to comment on this pathetic trash....once again I could write a blog post about it. A blog post!!! wowow)
Your favourite colour Pink Grey and Black
What do you want to be when you grow up? Writer

I want to work in childcare because I love kids. I would like to travel and record peoples stories and write my own stories.
I could also be a lawyer though I would prob have a mental breakdown.Its not really my thing, but it vaugely interests me

---Gina xxooxoxooox

The thing is I wish I could figure out how to break this thing up into a series of pages. And I'm back with the defult. It looks way better.

I'm basically only blogging (ugh) bc a character in a book I really LOVE had a blog. I can relate to her a lot.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might take some more photos of me and upload them here, tho I feel like that would be VERY narcissitic. I really want to play around with the image thing tho.
Bye. Im in lockdown here, so maybe I can do one of those life in lockdown things.

Gina (dark vanessa) xoxoxoxxxxx
I dont want to post any more photos actually because I feel like I will turn into a selfie hound. Then this will be like instagram, and I hate instagram.
I complained about it a lot in another post...It seemed I was blaming /exagarating the girls when they are really victims of this world, of pain and hate and insecurity ....I'll write about it later. I feels so insecure now. I've posted some really personal stuff.And you know my face. I think I might take the photos down. It feels raw, creepy.......

xxxx Gina

so, i made a new blog gina's blog 2. It was kind of me ranting, but it was good. This whole blog is kind of a mess. I used people's real names WAY too much.
489 vists. 13 yr old me would be very happy. For some reason I'm compelled to keep updating now.... people seem to dislike my infrequent updates, though I think I answered my own survey heaps of times so I have no idea what to believe. This seems to be the way of the world these days.

I thought Ideleted this because of stalker boy whit. More info on gina's blog 2 ha.

I lost the link to it, but I'll prob find it. I found this! heaps of stuff to update you on. I might actually keep writing here haha (!!! I HATE SAYING THAT ITS SO FAKKE.... or as I would say in the past cringe), it's a good blog. the software is good. but i feel like my writing is not that age appropriate to my "fans."

Oh well. Its my blog.

I've got some updates.

I. Someone likes me. Two people. I think!!! That seems like such a teenage thing to say. One's name starts with J. He has a weird name. He goes to my youth group. It's kind of a horrible but fun place. I'll tell u the story of it later. He's very nice, and in year 10. Before him, whit was the only one that expressed interest in me. (Whit, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, but you were very weird.) The other one I like back.

II. I'm on medication right now.

III. I have a best friend called AP. I care about her safety so I'm not going to be saying her real name, english or ********* (asian nationality- am I just bragging that I have an asian friend? I have lots of asian friends....lots of asian people live in sydney) .......I prob wont be telling you any of her personal issues but just in case. I see i wrote about my old friend group. I never fit in properly with any of them, expect amrita who was my best friend ever despite some problems. AP and I have never offically called each other our best friends but we as tight as ......???....nothing, but we are incredible good friends. Her thearpist is a moron in some respects but she says I am a rebel aganist soicety which I like. I also have a friend called Willow but I disappered on her for like a year so I don't think we could be as close as we used to be (she's my online friend. I wasnt online for a whole school year and several mismatched months.)

anyway, i've got so much more to tell u, I feel so bad about saying that about eva gossiping etc. At least I deleted the mermaid story. I kind of want to keep this blog its cute. my yt channel im defiently going to delete. It's so weird.

Anyway, bye.
im so scared im gonna get stuck into the vortex of this computer. also, does anyone know any good email providers? Someone on the athiest fourm reccomended GMX but it was weird. proton mail??? Also I need a new browser....any reccomendations??? write in guest bookk, not that anyone ever uses it


I hope you like this font. It's a bit crazy, but I like the typeset. The colours are an expermint. I swore on my other blog I would never post any photos. I broke my promise. here are some....I'm not really faking it cept for the 1st one, which is from y7. U can see some people in the background. I look really stunning, because of my new hair cut, in the last two. But for me I think all women look great and should be PROUD OF IT. I'm kind of a femminst now...... I might start posting fem stuff on my blog. Im trying to look very brooding. But it suits me. Gina

PS (written on the next day) I don't look stunning. I have no idea why I said that. actually, I hate that false modesty. Every woman looks stunning. expect in the ones where Im not smiling i look like a drug addict

100 visits!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!
hey guys!!! I'm back. Please please please keep coming to the blog so that we get 100 visits!!! I will be So happy if that happens so please!!! Love Gina
Hey again
Not much happened today expect I had to go to the doctor
Luve Your Girl
IM BACK!!! And I have News.
Did I tell you I turned 13?
Plus I also know much more French now.
And also we are nearly at 100 vists!! YAS!!! keep on coming guys :DDDDDDD
im back. at last! LOL. btw i'm probably gonna delete this.
Greetings everyone.

Hope you are all having a great day!
(I have written so much lol)
xox Gina
C'est SSO. Amusement! J'amie vraminet bein ša!!! <3

Útoile de feu est
serveur :DDD
ami Moi!

Au reviour!!!
Is anyone on the star stable server Fire Star? If you are you can mail me Gabrielle Friendlove and we can meet up. I love star stable. I have many horses. My favourite is Heroblood.
If you want I can write about my horses again. xox Gina.
I'm back writing in English again. I might write a French post from time to time, just to practice though.
Nothing really happened apart from Science today. Our teacher is away so we had Miss Batt. (Real name -_-) It's funny because Mr.Turk looks like a Vampire. He's my friend Sarah's teacher.
Write you later! xox Gina ^^
These are just random thoughts.

I want to work on my French more because I'm not that good at it. I'm writing A LOT about French lately. xD
Bonjur, je m'apple Gina. Je veux ecrie une liste de moi. Wee, xD.
1. J'amie les livres.
2. J'amie les flim.
3. Je suis australien.
Merci and sault!

Je m'apple Gina. Je suis australien. J'amie lives est film :D
Je'spere que vous aimez mon blog!
Reecrie le franšis. Je fais ca pour me'entrainer et m'amuser. :-D
Merci, Gina!
Hello, I'm back. A lot happened since my last update & yet a lot didn't. It's all a blur really. School, SSO, School, more SSO, friends, Reading, and Sleep. Oh, I did Naplan. It was boring me to death. And I've decided to learn French. I will write the next part of the blog in French for fun and for my french fans. :)
Bonjur, Je m'apelle Gina!
Comment vas-tu? :) Mon franics est maunvais xD desole. je suis australien. :)
Sault! Gina.
My geography teacher is so weird & crazy. Today he played the indeed song from Grease and danced and sung to it. He also jumped up so high that he hit his hand on the light. I'm not even kidding this has happened at least twice this past week. Honestly sometimes I think he might be slightly insane. He is always playing music and showing off much like my old teacher, Mr. Toovey. Honstley I think they must be soulmates. they both have weird names, like dancing and singing a lot, do weird things and act like nutcases though Mr. Fothers is much worse. LOL. They are good teachers tho... most of the time
Hi everyone!
Hope you're all having a great day
Greetings Gina x

Hello everybody,

Here is a funny story from my old school.

One day at Aftercare a police officer came to talk to us about safety and stranger danger, you know that sort of thing. No offence to him or whatever but it was pretty lame.(We had heard it all before, and the guy who presented it was not particularly exciting. In fact he was rather dull.) It was fun for a little bit though because he let us ask questions and everyone was asking stuff like "whats the most dangerous heist you've been in" and "whose the most dangerous perp that got away?" I think we watched too much American TV shows. Anyway, it got boring again pretty quickly. He was giving this big speech about "safe people" and something weird about "not going to market town by yourself?" It was really weird. Anyway, there was this girl at my old school, and her name was Rosie. She had bright curly red hair and a hot temper, and she ALWAYS said what she thought, which was really funny! ( Even if it meant insulting teachers. ) She had been itching to talk for so long, and was waving her hand about like crazy, and an aftercare "educator" (they did not educate us at all) was trying to shut her up.

"So" the police officer said. "Kids, I want you to be very careful. There's all kinds of dangerous people out there," he glanced briefly at Rosie, who was now red in the face, waving her hand around, screaming, "EXUSE ME! EXUSE ME!" He ignored her. "If I had a daughter I wouldn't want her to go to Market town by herself. So i don't want you guys to go to market town by yourselves, ether. Only go with your safe person."
For whatever reason, this useless piece of advice that no one would follow really infuriated Rosie.
"SSSHSHSHHSHSHSHHSHSHHSHSH" said the "educators" in a panic, thinking this would reflect poorly on them.
All us kids watched in awe, trying not to laugh. Unsuccessfully.
"OTHERWISE I WOULDN'T BE STANDING HERE IN FRONT OF YOU!" Rosie screamed, stamping her foot and screeching. (She often had tantrums like this but she couldn't really help it.)
"Darling...please sit down," the police officer said limply.
Rosie hated being called darling. And Rose, which was her real name, but everyone knew her as Rosie. Heaven help sub teachers who read out her name wrong xD
"ROSIE! ENOUGH!" The educators yelled.
"YOU FAT WARTHOG!" Rosie screeched.
Thereupon Rosie was taken out of the room and sent to the office, leaving us alone with a couple of inexperienced educator and the dumbfounded police officer. We saw her through the window, jumping up in a rage. We also heard lots of yelling. Mostlt in Rosie's part.
It was so funny.
Friend me on poptropica gina111 and follow my wattpad baby_girl_gina2457. Also feel free to write in my guest book :)

Gina :)
Today in Art we made our clay model heads. I'm doing Donland Trump- (don't ask why). Also we did Maths, Science, and Geography. All of that boring stuff. I mostly played on Papa's Scooperia and let the teachers think I was a good student. I am so weird XD. The latest gossip is that Estella, who is in year SEVEN "made out with a boy and posted it on her Instagram" as it said on the toilet wall. Honestly, I don't get why they are all so shocked. They all post the most inappropriate crap ever on theirs. It is so funny to see them- stomach sucked in, skimpy crop top practically falling off, and they even stick out there bums acting like instagram models. I feel bad for them when they get older and see this stuff online. I guess it is there choice, but I would never do something like that. (They are in year 7, which is 11, 12, 13.) I have lots of funny stories about this school and my old school. I can tell them here if you want.
Hope your having a great day
From Gina
I am thinking of starting a new blog. But I still like this one and will keep it in my "Students of the World" profile.
Greetings Gina
Greetings everyone! (No one really says "greetings" but I like how it sounds idk why)
I am now currently on the light rail which is like a tram
See you tomorrow!
Gina x
Hello everyone
It's me, Gina. Obviously. Duh. Lol. I haven't been on here awhile, so sorry about that. I've been busy with starting high school, which isn't as bad and as good as I thought it would be. But still fun. I'm actually supposed to be doing homework now, but whatever.
I have just been reading over this blog and I liked most things about it apart from the story. OMG the story is so bad. And it's about Mermaids. I thought I would be past that phase? Don't know what I was thinking honestly. I can write much better stories than that. But I'm going to keep it up anyway because I don't like deleting things idk why. Anyway I hope you all are having a great day <3

Also if you're on SSO Mangolia Jungle server friend me Gabrielle Friendlove

Edit: I changed my mind and deleted it because I physically couldn't comprehend how rubbish it was.
Hi guys
I went to my Oretation Day Today. it was really fun. I also messaged Wilma, my Finish Pen Pal. She's really nice
From Gina
Hi guys I am back blogging again.

So I told you that I would write about what I like to do?

Writing, History, Reading, Collections, Gaming.

Hey guys
Sorry for no blog post today I was busy.But tomorrow I will write a story called "Mermaid Magic" and also about what I like to do.
Hi guys!
So this is my first offical blog post. As I said, not much is really happening today so I will keep this short and sweet, I already wrote most of the stuff on my other post anyway.
But since this blog is about me and my friends I will explain about all of my friends at my school but also outside of school.
My main group of friends are Jade, Yuri, Natalie, Olivia and Eva. Everyone is really nice, but I feel really bad for Eva because people always gossip about her behind her back.

I also have some other friends at school and outside of school. My outside of school friends are Mia, who lives in Germany, Amrita, who goes to another school now and a few more. Also I have Selene and Rachel my Pen Pal friends. They are from China and Canda.
In my next blog post I will write about what I like to do.
Thank you

Hello! My name is Gina Marie Doolan. I am 12 and in the last years of year 6 which is the last year of primary school here in Australia which is where I live. Cities such as Sydney Brisbane or Adelaide are mostly where I dwell however I dream of living in the countryside or in the high mountains, with beautiful snow and ice surrounding me! One time I visited the snowy mountains here in Australia and it was amazing. I wish it snowed in my city. The only better holiday I have had was my trip to Japan earlier this year.
So this blog will be called "Gina's Blog" and be all about my life. It will also include stories and pictures because I love writing and art. All of them will be by me.

Today is Saturday, which as you all know is the weekend, and I am spending the day at home. Yesterday I went to my friend Amrita's school World Expo and it was so fun. Amrita used to be my best friend but she moved schools for OC which is opportunity class. Anyway it was really fun and I cannot wait to see her again.
i am really excited at the moment because I am going to a new school next year, and this Friday will be my Orientation Day! I am thrilled!!! Just a few days ago I had a uniform fitting. It was expensive because it is a private school but lots of fun. I met two new girls one of which was really nice. I know I seem like I am babbling but I really am so happy to be starting a new school.

So what else do you want to know about me? Well, I have written questions and answers down below.

What is your favourite Movie? - I don't really have one but I do like the movies Mean Girls, 101 Dalmatians and more. The first movie I saw was the Wizard of Oz.
What is your favourite Episode story? The Lives of Ginevra definitely.
What is your favourite book? I have so so many but probably Lola Rose. I also like Ballet Shoes and A Little Princess.
Your favourite YouTuber? Freshtastical LuxuryPranks and SsniperWolf.
Your favourite colour Pink Grey and Black
What do you want to be when you grow up? Writer

The pictures above is coloured by me but the outline is drawn by Lady Anne on Episode forums. :)

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