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New Wii Bundles Are Coming!
Nintendo may have the new Wii U on the way but there still bringing out the wii.The company announced new bundles both will be available in North America on November 4th,The first bundle is $130 you get the white wii,a controller,nunchuck and just dance 4,The second bundle is $150 this includes activisions skylanders giants a blue wii console with a remote and nunchuck.Also included in the bundle one portal of power,two skylander characters and one exclusive skylanders giant.

Borderlands Legends Confirmed
2K games and gearbox software have confirmed IOS game Borderlands Legends to be released on iphone and ipad the cost for the iphone is $5 and for the ipad $7,fans can expect a mini borderlands you can play as four characters:Brick,Lilith,Mordecai and Roland. Will you be buying it?

Sim City delayed slightly
Sim City has been delayed slightly but gamers will be pleased that it's only brief,it will be released on March 5th in North America and March 8th in europe the game was supposed to be released in Febýruary. So the game is still as planned but just a different release date.

Rockstar games are bringing out a games collection!
Rockstar games have finally came up with a games collection,it will include these games:Gta episodes from Liberty City,Red Dead Redemption,La Noire and Midnight Club LA Complete edition.It will be available on Ps3 and Xbox 360 and is released on November 6th in North America downloadable content will be on all games,the first price is $60.

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