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In the Struggle to avail latrines to communities on Islands
for proper human waste management
and disease prevention.
This was done after sensitising the community about the importance of latrines
and ensuring that they develop a spirit of contribution towards the construction of that latrine,
it was achieved even though it is not yet completed due to insufficient funds.

Buvuma Action for Community Health and Social Economic Development Organization and abbreviated as (BACHASEDO)
BACHASEDO operates throughout Buvuma District with its headquarters at Nkata Island, Lyabaana Town council headquarters in Buvuma District.
To become a self-reliant and leading Non-government organization that fosters both Social, Economic and health status of people in communities for sustainable development
To empower communities with Good governance skills that will enhance them to be self-reliant in social, economic and community health developmental activities
To advocate for the rights of voiceless people in their designated capacities namely; child education, pregnant mothers, albinos, elderly and people with disabilities
We install a saving culture and do saving and lending among members and our partners
We empower our members with safety knowledge and urge them to utilize safety gears essential for navigation on lakes
We empower our members with financial management skill for development
We carry out career diversification training for our members to create a broad base for income collection and sustainable livelihood
We enable communities identify their assets and map them through the community toolbox for self-reliance and community development
BACHASEDO in full is Buvuma Action For Community Health And Social-Economic Development Organization. It is a Non Government Organization with the following objectives

Vision and Mission Of BACHASEDO
To foster the Health, Social And Economic development of the communities on Islands of Buvuma District and Uganda in general
To help Communities realize their potential and responsibilities for broad-based development
Aims and Objectives
BACHASEDO is targeting at achieving the following objectives during its scope of operations;
Supporting children on Islands have access to education
Improve the Sanitation of Island communities.
Boosting of entrepreneurship development among households through empowering them with saving skills
Lobby for health services and extend to pregnant mothers and HIV infected patients
Provide sexual reproductive health services to minimize the spread of STIs on Islands

Monitoring the only primary School in Nkata, it lacks scholastic materials,
the structure is templary yet the site is subjected to strong winds from the Lake put the life of Kids at risk.

We coordinate with the Health Center technical team in the improvement of sanitation more especially garbage disposal
and management in the community to avoid pollution of water and the the general environment
Send us an email to
Or call +256-777-960-783
visit us again on our website
Thank you

Examining the quality of the foundation
this toilet still requires a good sum of funding to put the slab,
installation of the pipes to separate feces from urine so that it can easily be used for bio purposes
and construct the main house
This website is still under development so any advice to improve features you write to our email and also
You Can make any Donation on our Account no:
We recommend the sops put across to prevent the spread of covid19 and we welcome more technical procedures to ensure safety for our members and the global wellbeing

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