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Aly and AJ are awesome!!!

This is Aly and AJ when they were younger in a photo shoot.

This is Aly and AJ at Hope Rocks.

This is Aly and AJ on one of their cd covers.

This is Aly and AJ on their Insomniatic cd cover.

This is Aly and AJ on their Into the Rush cd cover.

This is Aly and AJ rock'in out on stage!

Aly and AJ won a mucical trophey.

This is AJ's hello kitty guitar.

Aly and AJ are huge hello kitty fans!!!

This is Aly's hello kitty guitar.

Amanda Michalka
Dessert-Fruit Tarts
Movie-Best In Show

Alyson Michalka
Dessert-Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Movie-Waiting for Guffman
The state of mind where one becomes addicted to the deprivation of sleep caused by an epic revelation of joy

Aly and AJ
The photos below this typing is Aly and AJ performing in London!!!



Aly and AJ look great in this photo!!!

Aly and AJ cute photo!

This is the Potential Breakup Song

This is Aly and AJ looking kind of creepy in a photo shoot.

Aly and AJ are
posing with their guitars.

I love Aly and AJ's fashion in this photo.

Aly and AJ look awesome in this photo.

Aly and AJ are in a photo shoot with the sun in the backround.

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