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name: Sam
location: dust
occupation: student

page created: Oct. 24, 2015!
I will update periodically....(hopefully)

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Date: Oct. 26, 2015
I was debating whether I should title my entries but in the end decided no, because I'm probably not creative enough everyday to think of a fitting title.
I have to finish my history notes but !!! I have !!! no !!! motivation !!! :-(

also I feel like everything is just falling apart and I'm unhappy all the time and that just makes me more unhappy because this is....just not the person who I used to be. But then again...I could be just exaggerating (probably) but man oh man how do I stop these crying spells !!!!!!!
I'm just going to eat 10 ice cream bars and start watching we bare bears.....

also!!!!!!! I'm talking to like 4 different people on the penpal section !!!! exciting ( ▽ ` )
Date: Oct. 28, 2015
my math average is 51% and I cried on the subway train today.
it was not a fun time.

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