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~All About Me ~ Selena Gomez ~

Name Selena Marie Gomez
Nickname Sel or Selly
Age 17
Date of birth July 22 1992
Height 5'.5 ( 1. 65 ,m )
Fav Color Blue
How many animals 4
Favorite Band Paramore
Favorite Subject Scince
Mom Amanda known as Mandy Teffy / Gomez
Dad Ricardo Gomez
Stepdad Brian Teffy
Bffs Demi & Taylor
I wish you were here !
Oh I miss you so so much this is a shout out to my cousin Haley Michelle Clough who lives fare from me and i feel like crying so sorry and i miss you call me love you ! *8
Hey Selena Hear ..
I Just want to say thanks to all of my fans out there !
For everthing anyways Miley she is a good friend so these pic are all of my very good friend especilly Demi My bfffffffffffff so thanks send me a message !
Song by me Sel

Whats that ?
A hat ...
Crazy , Funky , Junky Hat !
Overslept hair , Unsightly ,
Yeah , trying to look like Kirea Knightly , !
We see right through your FUNKEY HAT !

Thank you for everything Zoe she is the one who helped me with this song on wizard waverly place see ya some more Oh and Alex know that but really Matthew Vandenberg love you he justed turned 14 luv ya cuz to !!!!***** oh and fav ice cream choclate fudge sunday from mikey ds
Hey Haley ! [picture not found]

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