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The one on poofy hair! Rawrz, my favorite< 3
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You don't have to buy really expensive brands for your hair to look cool. I actually buy most of my products at Walmart. You all know by now that I'm a bargain-hunter by nature (Mom has taught me well).
So, the botttom line is HOW you use hair products! That's what's uber important.
Okay, here's what you wanna start with--it's a light, conditioning herb spray with a fine mist. The brand is Bumble & Bumble. It's s'posed to help your hair stay healthy and nourished. You don't have to use it all the time, but the mist sprays really softly and evenly, moistening your hair.

Work this volumizing mousse in back and forth with your fingers quickly. It is very important that you give it time to dry completely. Give your hair a little brush-through before moving on. Any brush will work, but a round-brush is better.

Straighten your hair, tipping your head to the side to do small sections diagonally down and out. A secret I discovered is to alternate using the flat iron horizontally and vertically. It looks more full and even that way. To create a cool effect, at the very end of all pieces, rotate the iron up 45 degrees so tips of hair flip out. Move the irons surely but steadily. You may have to re-do certain parts to make them cooperate. I have a short, layered style with bangs. I have certain longer pieces at the edge of the bangs that I iron straight down. For the actual bangs themselves, I take the section in the iron, pull almost straight up briefly then down for the rest of the way. When I reach the bottom, I do the special effect to flip the tips out, as in boldface above. On ordinary days, I only heat my irons to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, although on special days I do 370. You should only use a straightener with ceramic heating plates. Mine is called Remington Anti-static digital heat ceramic flat iron. This is cos titanium plates can scorch your hair. But still be careful to use a wet washcloth to cool down the irons every now & then to avoid damage. Also, at least once a week, you should use 3 Minute Miracle conditioner to rehydrate your hair.

So your hair is nice and straight. You're ready to move on to the next step. You don't need any fancy tools--whenever I say to work something into your hair, do it vigorously with your fingers unless otherwise specified.
This sea salt spray not only smells wonderful, it adds texture. Spray a few sprays at a time, a good distance from your head, working each in before spraying the next. It's up to you to decide how many sprays you need.
It all depends on your hair length and level of thickness.

This next step is my fav part! First of all, this gooey white stuff smells like REAL oranges (artificial orange is groady). What you should do is dip a single index finger into the goo-tub and rub it into your palms until you feel sticky resistence. Then, energetically work it up and down into your roots, using your fingers like a comb. It sort of feels like push and pull, almost. Repeat many times to satisfaction.

This gel is optional. If you have sorta longish hair, it works effectively for taming fly aways. If you are in sports, you can smooth it through your hair, squeeze it into a pony-tail, and put on a fabric headband. If you braid cornrows, wet each with gel and squeeze it at the bottom. You can get kinky hair this way even if you're Caucasian. You wait 'til they dry completely, undo them, and more-or-less separate them into individual strands.
For me, since I have rather short hair that I straighten so it sticks out, I use it for one specific purpose. I rub my hands together with a tiny pea-sized amount, then gently use it to accent pieces of my hair. If you do it right, it can make it a touch more noticeable that certain pieces are sticking out or down. It also helps them stay in place. You may, in addition, want to carefully work a little more into the hair, starting near the base and working up and out. However, if you're not very careful and sparing, you might overdo it.
Now for the finishing spray. There are two that I use, sometimes only one of them at a time, sometimes both.
I'll compare their pro's and con's.
B&B does it all (Dia)~vs~Suave extreme spray (Ses)

Dia smells kinda funny at first, but you get used to it. The smell of Ses is much worse. But when they dry, they're fine. My advice is to hold your breath while your spraying (in a ventilated area), then duck away to catch a breath when you need one.
You can spray an awful lot of Dia and still not get build up. It works amazing to for voluminous fluffy styles, but not for holding any unusual twist or curl in place.
Ses builds up fast, so you want to spray it, release, wait a sec or two to let it dry, spray, release,....All and all you only need a sparing amount of it. It is very heavy duty and works well for locking difficult things in place. That's why I keep buying it. A single once-over of the hair after spraying Dia in layers ensures that your hair stays poofy all day and doesn't collapse.

Especially if you have a calic like me, you may need this potato starch powder to fluff up your hair in the back. The key thing here is to make sure that at this point your hair is dry. Otherwise, it won't function properly. You can either shake the powder carefully/sparingly onto your fingertips or your scalp directly, then massage it in. Reapply until you think it has done its job! Viola!
The 2013 Yellow Volkswagen Beetle
What a beautiful lemon colour!

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