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First and foremost, you may be wondering...what the heck is a roleplay, anyway? Well, here is my definition:
A roleplay game (RPG, or roleplay/RP for short) is a story, where the players/roleplayers get to "be" (or pretend to be) the characters in the story. Basically the Game Master (the person who created and is in charge of the roleplay) sets up a certain plot, and the players get to create their own unique characters (who are called "original characters"/"OCs") who will become part of the story. The Game Master him/herself can also create OCs. While the Game Master will be in charge of the roleplay, the roleplay's plot, and will enforce the rules, the players will make their characters participate in various ways depending on what situations they are in. Depending on what the characters do, the plot (though it is somewhat controlled by the Game Master) can change in various ways.
You can also check out Wikipedia's definition of a roleplay game: Role-playing game
Roleplay plots can range from a RP about the normal daily lives of the OCs to the completely upside-down, inside-out, whacky adventures of aliens from the galaxy of Markobibobobo. To help you understand, I will "create" roleplays (or roleplay examples) below. Note that, upon creating a roleplay, usually the Game Master posts the plot and then the players who join the roleplay and the Game Master create characters. Once character creation is done, the roleplay begins. Also, assume that there are four roleplayers (I will have them be the Game Master & players in the examples): Janet, Kyle, Cheri, and Jaromir.
Roleplay Example No. 1

Cheri decides to create a roleplay, and therefore she is the Game Master. Here is what the roleplay might look like:

Magic Summer Camp RPG

You and your friends are sent to a summer camp! At first you think it's going to be great, but then you find that the food is crappy, the cabins are dusty, and the lake there is full of random stuff, ranging from old shoes to automobiles. After the first few days there you're thinking of leaving, but upon taking a stroll in the forest strange things begin happening...

Cheri: Welcome to my roleplay! The rules are... (Assume roleplay rules are put in here - some rules could include only make the characters ages 12-17, no bad-minded messages, etc.) Start creating characters!
Janet: [May I join?]
Cheri: [Of course!]
Cheri: [My character: Alice. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears the camp uniform - a blue polo shirt with the camp logo on it and navy blue shorts. Is nice but very shy.]
Janet: [My character: Lucille. Has black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Wears the camp uniform. Is outgoing, humorous, and extroverted, but sometimes too extroverted.]
Kyle: [Can I join?]
Jaromir: [I would like to join also!]
Cheri: [Sure!]
Kyle: [Jack: Has dark brown hair, amber eyes, is tall and lanky. He wears an orange T-shirt and brown jeans - he doesn't like the camp uniform. Is quiet and mysterious, but when you get to know him you'll find that he's honest and very protective of his friends.]
Jaromir: [My character is Vlad. He has black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. He wears the camp uniform. He is friendly and funny, but can be defensive at times.]
Cheri: [Let's begin! We'll start where the characters are walking in the woods.]
Alice: *sighs**walks along with Lucille, Jack, and Vlad* I don't like this camp...
Lucille: Me neither. I mean, they practically serve slop! Eugh!
Jack: *nods* And the lake is really polluted.
Vlad: Hey, at least the lake provides free vehicles! I found a snowmobile in it recently!
Jack: *rolls eyes*
Lucille: *nudges Vlad playfully*
Alice: *is laughing a little when she hears a twig snap**stops abruptly* What was that...?! *the other three stop*
Lucille: What was what?
Alice: *another snap is heard* That!
Vlad: I don't know...but it sounds big. We had better get out of here.
Lucille: Good idea.
Alice: Yeah... *suddenly elves jump out of nowhere, surrounding them*
Jack: What the heck is this?!
Lucille: ELVES?!!

(The roleplay can continue in many ways. However, since this is just an example, I shall end it here.)
Roleplay Example No. 2

Kyle decides to create a roleplay, and therefore he is Game Master in this example.

Zombie Apocalypse RP

It was a normal day in the USA when the world was struck by a HUGE meteor. The meteor turned out to be carrying a virus from outer space, and everyone near the place where the meteor struck became infected and turn into...zombies. After a year, most of the world was infected. Only a few survivors were left in special "Survivor camps" that were run by the government, but one by one each survivor camp has been becoming infected and destroyed. Now, in the middle of nowhere in what was once the USA, a small gang of friends are trying to make their way to one of the last survivor camps. But will they make it?

(Assume the rules have been posted here, just below the plot.)

Kyle: [Welcome to my roleplay! Please abide by the rules and have fun!]
Kyle: [My character: Jack: He has brown hair, amber eyes, and is tall and lean. He wears a tan jacket, navy blue jeans, and an orange T-shirt, and he always carries his rifle. He is introverted and mysterious and likes to work alone because he doesn't want to risk losing any more friends. He is an expert at shooting.]
Janet: [Hey, can I join?]
Kyle: [Sure!]
Janet: [Rynn: Has long red hair, blue eyes, and freckly cheeks. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt and a light blue skort. She is brave, selfless, and nice, and she is great with a crossbow.]
Jaromir: [Hello, I decided to join! My character is Ben. He has blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, and is fairly muscular. He wears a dark blue T-shirt, black pants, and a black jacket. He usually carries an assault rifle, but he is good at hand-to-hand combat. He is strong and can seem strict, but inside he is actually very kind and loving.]
Cheri: [Hi, I also decided to join! My character: Jacqueline: She has long, curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears brown jeans and a dark red long-sleeved shirt. She is shy, curious, intelligent, and brave.]
Kyle: [Let's start!]
Jack: *is walking along at sunset through a meadow when he spots Ben, Rynn, and Jacqueline at a distance**watches them carefully*
Ben: *walks along* Hurry. It'll be night soon.
Jacqueline: *nods**suddenly stops, noticing Jack standing at a distance*
Rynn: *fiddles with her crossbow as she walks*
Jack: *sees zombies sneaking towards them from some nearby trees**yells:* HEY! HEY! ZOMBIES! LOOK OUT!! *they can't hear him very well*
Ben: *turns towards Jack* Who's he?
Jacqueline: I don't know.
Rynn: What's he saying?
Jacqueline: Hm...wait a minute...zombies? *looks around**spots them charging at the group through the trees* Guys...?!
Ben: *raises his rifle* Run!

(The RP can continue in various ways. I shall end the example here.)

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