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the nkd brothers band rok out LOUD!!!!!

Allie/Rosalina's Section

Allie/Rosalina is the bass player in the band.She is also beautiful. And i guess she plays 7 or i think 10 instruments.
Its Nat's section now!

Nat is the song writer,keybordist,and lead singer of the band. He also likes Allie/Rosalina(like i said people its just pretend). And hes cute.
Alex's Section

Alex is Nat's lil bro. Hes Also the drummer in the band.
The Whole Band's Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Naked Brothers Band is a series on Nick and is also liked by many.

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the nkd brothers band rok out LOUD!!!!! (Music - Rock)    -    Author : tatiana - USA

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