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Welcome to the official Movie Roleplay MISSION Blog! This is all about the missions on Movie Roleplay! For more information on characters, bad guys, etc., please visit the Movie Roleplay Official Blog by clicking here.

Movie Roleplay consists of many team members, with Black Widow as the leader. they all make up Black Widow's Army. They go on many missions, vacations, and most of all, try to defeat Andy, their biggest arch nemesis. Along the way, they'll bump into some annoying people (Tubby and his Fat Mom) places (McDonalds/ CiCi's Pizza) situations (team arguments, specifically Marty and Rudy) creatures (that's up to you) and more. The Movie Roleplay Official Mission blog is your source to read about all the missions, old and new. So if you're sad, glad, a reading buff, or just plain bored, come on and join the fun. You'll be coming back for more!
Also, PLEASE take some time to fill out the survey! Thank you!
Feel free to also take a peek at the "parent" blog of this site, which is called Movie Universe-A Complete Guide to Movie Roleplay! It has info about the movies the characters come from, the places the characters visit, the extra characters in this roleplay, and more. To go to the Movie Universe blog, click


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