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Azerbaijani Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most interesting one in the world in general and the Orient in particular. It is somewhat similar to traditions of Caucasian and Central Asian people but has its distinctive features. It is remarkable by abundance of the every possible meat, fish and vegetable dishes dressed by fragrant greens and spices.
The most experienced gourmets coming to Azerbaijan have become connoisseurs of its cuisine. The dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine are original and unique. It is not surprising that purely Azerbaijani dolma , bozbash , bozartma , chykhyrtma , khashil , shashlyk, piti , pilau, govurma are included in national menus of neighboring Caucasian nations.
The majority of national food is cooked from mutton, beef and poultry. Azerbaijanis as well as other Moslems do not eat pork. Dishes from chopped meat and, certainly, fishes are widely spread there. He preferred fishes are stellate sturgeon and sturgeon. Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for abundance of vegetables, first of all greens, eggplants, sweet peppers, cabbage, spinach, sorrel, beet, radishes , onions, cucumbers, green string bean, etc.
The national food range also includes many dishes from rice, flour, vegetables and greens. Azerbaijani cuisine widely uses such domestic spices as caraway seeds, fennel , anise, bay leaf, coriander and such kitchen herbs as mint, dill, parsley, celery, basil, thyme etc. Especially popular in Azerbaijani cuisine is saffron: more than 50 national dishes are cooked with this herb! To enhance the flavors of dishes Azerbaijanis extensively use lemons, green and black olives, cherry plums, dried apricots etc.
The most popular breads are oblong churek and pita - the bread baked in tendir.
Vegetable salads are special in Azerbaijani cuisine. Vegetables are very thinly sliced. Salads are eaten as side dishes. Starters and appetizers are very popular too. The most often served are various pickles and marinades. From ancient times Azerbaijani dishes have been cooked in copper ware. Even today villagers observe this tradition believing that a meal prepared in such a way is much more delicious.
Azerbaijan cuisine is not only is tasty but also good for your health – the evidence to this is a lot of long-livers and centenarians in the Republic.




Azerbaijani national cuisine offers more than 30 soups. Among them are every possible meat soups (piti , kyufta-bozbash, shorba etc.), soups from sour milk and greens ( dovga , ovdukh , dogramach , balva etc.).
Azerbaijani soups are very thick and rich. Here are the most known …
Mutton soup with peas, vegetables, cherry plums and spices. Each serving is cooked in a separate vessel – pitishnitsa (a crock). 15 minutes prior to readiness they add finely cut fat-tail fat. Before serving the dish is seasoned with spices and saffron tincture, finely pounded dried mint.
Soup from mutton bones with large meatballs made of meat and rice with peas and potatoes, spices. Every meatball contains dried fruit. 10-15 minutes until readiness they put pepper, saffron tincture, and salt. When serving the soup is seasoned with greens – fresh coriander, and during winter time- dried mint.
Dyushbara are Azerbaijani pelmeni. To cook it you need to make broth from mutton bones, and minced meat from flesh with addition of onions and spices. Unleavened dough is unrolled up to 1 mm thickness, then cut into squares. The squares are filled with minced meat (2- 3 grams per each) and shaped like triangle pouches. Then they are put into the broth for 5 minutes. When served dyushbaras are seasoned with coriander or dried mint with separately served wine vinegar with garlic
Sulu khingal
Mutton soup with peas also thinly sliced dough. When ready they put fried onion, chopped greens. Before serving the dish is seasoned with dried mint. Vinegar is served separately.

Dovga is a liquid dish made from sour milk. Rice is added to curdled milk with sour cream, flour and eggs. The mixture while on fire is to be constantly stirred to prevent it from curdling. After the mixture starts boiling they add finely chopped greens, salt and boil until it is ready. Dovga can be cooked with or without meat. .
Soup with beans and noodles. Small balls are made from minced meat. The beans are cooked separately. Unleavened dough is to be unrolled and cut in strips to make home-made noodles- arishta . First meat balls are cooked in broth followed by noodles and the boiled beans. When ready they add chopped greens and dried mint when served.

A specific dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. Eggs are diluted with some salty water and this mixture is sprayed into flour. The floury drops are rounded in flour to get crumbs-like pieces. Water is added to fried onion and boiled. Floury crumbs are put into a sieve and shaken to get rid of excess flour and put in boiling broth being constantly stirred. Before serving they add saffron tincture and dried mint.


Main Courses (Meat)
The most notorious of course are various shish kebabs (shashlyks): a shish kebab- basturma , shish kebab from a fillet, custom-made shish kebab, shish kebab from liver and kidneys etc.
Chopped meat is used for lyula-kebab, tava-kebab , sham-kebab etc. Among farinaceous dishes widely spread are khashil , khingal with meat, syuzma khingal , yarpag khingal , kutaby (with meat, pumpkin, greens), chyudyu etc.
Many main courses are cooked from fish: shish kebab from sturgeon, Azarbaijani kutum, kyukyu from kutum , balyg chykhyrtma , stuffed, boiled, fried , stewed fish, balyg-pilau , pilau with sturgeon.
Azerbaijani pilau is also a popular kind of main course as well as. And also dishes from flour.
Minced mutton is spiced and left for 20-30 minutes in a refrigerator. The meat is then sausage-shaped and set on skewers to roast it above heated coals (without flames). Ready lyula-kebab is wrapped in pita bread and served with onions, greens.
Mutton on bones stewed saffron tincture with onions, tomatoes and spices.
Mutton is fried and stewed with some broth, s affron tincture and salt. On a frying pan they fry onions, pieces of mutton, add citric acid, pour whipped up eggs and wait till ready. When serving chychyrtma is garnished with tomato slices and seasoned with finely-chopped greens-coriander and fennel. Separately served is matsoni (curdled milk, kefir).
Ava – eti
Mutton is cut into pieces, salted, peppered and fried on a frying pan. Then they add a little broth, browned onion and stew until ready. Potatoes, eggplants, pumpkin are fried separately and added to the mutton. The dish is garnished with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Riza – kyufta
Minced mutton is made into balls and fried in oil. To the browned onion they add tomato paste, dilute it with some broth, put vinegar, sugar, pepper and make sauce. Pour the sauce over the fried meat balls-kyufta and stew for 5-10 minutes When the dish is served it is sprinkled with greens.
Arzuman – kyufta
First large kyufta (meatballs) is made from minced mutton. Then take a piece of cold butter or one egg, insert them inside kyufta and restore the ball shape. Place it into a saucepan, add some broth and cook on moderate fire until ready. When served kyufta is sprinkled with greens.
Gyima - chykhyrtma
Take mutton flesh and mince it with salt, pepper, saffron tincture and fry in oil. After that pour in whipped up eggs and bake in the oven. When served sprinkle with greens.
Sobza kourma
Take mutton flesh, add pepper, salt and fry. Then add browned onion, saffron tincture, citric acid and stew. 5 minutes before readiness add finely chopped greens. Served with matsoni (curdled milk, kefir).
Dolma is a unique dish. Many people call it “stuffed cabbage”. Azerbaijani cuisine offers about 20 varieties of them. As for dolma there are more than 30 types of this dish.
Yarpag dolmasy (from grape leaves)
Mince mutton flesh and onions. Add rice, greens, salt, pepper, spices, cinnamon, chopped chestnuts, tomatoes. Scald fresh grape leaves with boiled water. The minced mixture is to be stirred until uniform and wrap in leaves. Dolma is then put into a saucepan with a thick bottom, and stewed in water (half full saucepan) for an hour. Served with matsoni. .
The same techniques are used for cooking kyalyam dolmasy ( dolma from cabbage), eggplant dolmasy (from eggplants), bibyar dolmasy (from pepper), sogan dolmasy (from onion) as well as from quinces, apples and tomatoes.
Game-birds and Poultry Dishes
Roasted Game-Bird
Game-bird is salted, peppered, coated with sour cream, put on a skewer and roasted above heated coals in a chargrill or tendyr. Served with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and coriander.
Roasted Chicken
Chicken is cut in two halves, salted, peppered, put on a skewer, coated with sour cream and roasted above heated coals in a chargrill until ready. Served with tomatoes and sliced onion, pomegranate seeds, slices of lemon, greens

Flour-based Dishes
Kutabs are original Azerbaijani pies. Mutton is minced with onion. Pepper, salt, lavashana, pomegranate and are added and carefully mixed. The mixture is then wrapped in unleavened dough half-moon shaped slices and fried on a frying pan in oil.
Pumpkin and greens are also used as kutabs fillings .
Wheat starch or maize flour is diluted in water and when continuously stirring is poured in boiling water. Sugar, oil, saffron tincture and salt are added. Nuts are crushed; one half is mixed with sudjuk , the second half is sprinkled over the ready dish when served

Kutum Lavangi

Bass in Lankaran style
Fish Dishes
Sazan in Tendyr
A whole fish is gilled, cleaned, washed, peppered, salted and baked in tandyr . Served with sliced onion and lemon, chopped parsley.
Stuffed Fish
The whole fish is gilled, cleaned and washed. Onion is fried on a pan, crushed nuts wetted and chopped cornel, washed seedless grapes are added and mixed. Fish is salted, filled with the mixture and baked in oven.
Fried Salmon
Salmon is gilled, cut in slices, peppered, salted, floured, fried from both sides on a frying pan and put in oven for a few minutes until ready. Served on a plate garnished with onions, greens.
Sturgeon Shish Kebab
Sturgeon is prepared and cut into pieces, salted, peppered, coated with sour cream and roasted in a chargrill. Served with fresh tomatoes and onions.
Fish Cakes
Sturgeon fillet is minced with onion. Salt, ground pepper and hard white bread soaked in milk are added, mixed. The mixture is used for making cakes which further are crumbed and fried in oil. Served with fresh vegetables.
Fish Dolma
Fish fillet, onion and coriander are minced. Grape leaves are scalded in boiled water. The fish mixture is then wrapped in grape leaves and put in a saucepan. Dolma is submerged in fish bones broth and cooked until ready. Served with matsoni.


Azerbaijani cuisine boasts a vide variety of pilaus. The basic ingredients are rice and oil, but meat sometimes is replaced with vegetables, greens, eggs and even fruit.
“Parcha-Doshamya” Pilau.
Big chunks of mutton are fried. Browned onion, fruits, chestnuts, caraway seeds are added and stewed until ready. Rice, fruits, chestnuts are added separately. Seasoned with oil and cinnamon.
Shyuiud Pilau
Pilau is cooked in traditional way, mixed with chopped dill. Omelet is made of eggs and milk and cut into diamond-shaped pieces. Omelet pieces are put on pilau with dill. Seasoned with oil.
Toyug Pilau
Chicken pilau with fruits, caraway seeds, and other spices.
Chykhyrtma Pilau
Chicken pilau with lemons, saffron and whipped eggs.
Shashandaz Pilau
Pilau with fried eggs, and cinnamon.
Gyimya - Pilau
Minced mutton is fried in oil. Cornel and seedless grapes, boiled and cleaned chestnuts are added. The resulting mixture ( gyimya) is cooked until ready . Rice is served separately to garnish gyimya. Seasoned with oil and cinnamon.
Khamdoshama PIlau
Pilau with dried fruits.
Lobia-Chilov Pilau
Pilau from beans and seedless grapes
Pilau with, walnuts, pomegranate, cinnamon.




Azerbaijani national sweets are divided into three kinds – flour-based, caramel, and candies. The flour-based ones are: shekebura , pakhlava , sheker-churek , Baku kurabye , nan , kyata , tykhma , kyulcha , mutaki . There are over 30 varieties; each area has its special kind.
The caramel ones include sheker-pendir, parvarda , nut kozinaki , halvah, etc.
Among candies the most popular are rahat lakoum (with different additions), jellied fig, sherbet, feshmek , etc.
Pies from fancy pastry with stuffing from sweet almonds or fried nuts mixed with sugar. Stuffing is wrapped in dough rounds, the edges are helically nipped. Various ornaments might be drawn on shakerbura's surface. .
Azerbaijani housewives cook pakhlava from the same dough as in shakerbura. The first layer of rolled out dough is put on oiled baking tray, the stuffing is strewn on it; the second dough layer is used to cover the stuffing. The procedure is repeated 8-10 times. After that pakhlava is cut in rhombuses, greased with the yolk of an egg mixed with saffron. Nut or pistachio halves are used to decorate each rhombus' middle. When ready pakhlava is coated with syrup or honey.
To cook this delicious cookie melted butter is whipped with powdered sugar with egg white added gradually. Vanillin, sifted flour are added to make dough. After that dough balls are made and put on the baking tray with. Yolk is used for coating each ball. The balls are baked in the oven. Cooled down shaker-churek is strewn with powdered sugar.
Baku kurabye
Very tasty cookies but rich in calories. The dough for kurabye is made of butter, powdered sugar, egg whites and flour. The cookies are decorated with stuffing of mashed fruit and sugar

The most widespread drink in Azerbaijan is sherbet. To make it they use sugar, lemon, saffron, seeds of mint and basil as well as different fruits.
Milk Sherbet
Water is boiled; sugar is dissolved in it, cooled down. Milk is separately boiled and add in sherbet when cold.
Fruit Sherbet
Sugar is dissolved in boiled water; various fruits, berries, mint are added. Served with ice cubes. .
Fruits are stewed with sugar. Rice is used for making pilau. Fruits are mixed with pilau and steamed until ready. When served first rice is put on a plate mound-like, fruits are put on its top

Dinner Ceremony

Tea is served first according to the tradition. Azerbaijanis always drink tea, mainly black, before dinner. As soon as guests arrive tea is the first thing to serve. The advantage of this tradition is that tea drinking with many guests around the table is makes conversation flow smoother. Tea in Azerbaijan is a symbol of hospitality.
Tea is served with quince, fig, water-melon peel , apricots, sweet cherry, cherry, peach, plum, cornel, walnut, strawberry, blackberry, grape jams. To make tea aroma stronger they add spices: dried savory, pink, cardamom leaves.
Cinnamon and ginger are used for brewing special teas.
After tea go main courses. Azerbaijanis normally do not serve soups at banquets, celebrations and weddings. Abundant are every possible greens, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (pickles in winter). Often after dinner (especially pilau ) they serve dovga - cold soup from sour milk. It is believed that dovga is good for digesting heavy foods (rice, meats etc.)
Azerbaijani dinner ends with sherbet or sweets

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