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Pattinson plays guitar and piano, and composes his own music.
He also appears as the singer of two songs on the Twilight soundtrack:
"Never Think", which he co-wrote with Sam Bradley, and "Let Me Sign", which was written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.
The songs were included in the film after director Catherine Hardwicke
added Pattinson's recordings into an early cut without his knowledge, and he agreed that
"one of them specifically, it really made the scene better.
It was like it was supposed to be there."
The soundtrack for the film How To Be features three original songs performed by Pattinson
and written by composer Joe Hastings.
Aside from recording for the soundtracks, Pattinson has said, "I've never really recorded anything - I just played in pubs and stuff", and when asked about a professional music career, he said, "Music is my back-up plan if acting fails."[
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