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Every Wednesday at Santa Rosa High School, California.
Room D104.

Next Meeting (Number 9!):
Wed. Nov. 17, 2010

Noteworthy News

This is for:
1. How the Club is going
2. Any contacts we have

We have 5 addresses and more people are joining! We are making progress with a school in China, and they will get back to us soon. I've contacted a lot of people, and will listen to your suggestions.

Writting Tips
Be yourself!

Talk about likes/dislikes
What you do in your free time
What you want to be when you grow up
What you do for a living
Things you are thinking about
Languages you speak and/or learning
Places you've been/want to go
Weather, if you think it is intresting.
Favorite person/color/bands/music style/author
Discuss theories/controversial topics

Reminders/ Rules (useful in life as well):

Everyone is a person. Never harass someone for thinking something you don't. Don't say hurtful things. They hurt. Retain and open mind always. Remember: A MIND IS LIKE A PARACHUTE; IT WORKS BEST WHEN IT'S OPEN.
Never let someone harass you. Don't answer questions if you don't want to. If someone doesn't want to talk about something, don't make them. Don't ask questions that you wouldn't want to answer.

How to End It All

Need options on how to sign out of your letter? Look no further:

With All Due Respect

Hope To Hear Back From You Soon

Angel Feathers, Golden Sunshine (my personal one)

Yours Truely

Shine/Rock on

May I always Live To Serve You and Your Crown




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