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hello and welcome to my diary,i hope it will make intresting reading if not please tell me, when i was a little girl i use to keep a diary and put in in the usual stuff like which boy in school i fancied, how much my brother got on my nerves that sort of stuff,but now i am all grown up and will be writing about my life,friends,family etc and also giving out tips and recipes as i am quite a good cook even though i say so myself, put it this way i have been married 32 years and have 2 grown up children and haven`t made any one ill with my cooking,i am quite a happy go lucky person with plenty of common sense and i always tell the truth, makes me sound very boring doesn`t it? but i`m not honest,anyway to those of you who read my diary i hope you enjoy it to those who don`t like it am i bothered.... no! bye for now
it is a lovely day here, the sun is shining and there are white clouds and blue sky, it is very windy though, we get alot of winds here as i live in a seaside town, we have got a lovely sandy beach which is about 2 miles long, and some wonderful gardens, which are looked after by the council gardeners,i was born here and have lived here all my life so am a true local born and bred there aren`t many of us around as a lot of grockles have moved into my town, (a grockle) is a local name for holidaymaker or someone who wasn`t born here
well it was back to work for me today, after having a week off,i really didn`t want to go back but as i stepped through the doors it was like i had never been away,why is it that when you are at work a week seems like a very very long time, but when you are on holiday a week just flys by and before you know it your slogging away agin, it is one of the mysterys of life
well here i am again, haven`t had a very good day so far, went to see my mum today she lives in an old peoples home and is nearly 83 had to tell her some bad news about her sister,had to tell her that her sister died two days ago, it was one of the hardest things that i have ever had to do, poor mum was very upset as you can imagine,i got upset telling her, i was dreading it to tell you the truth,mum is now the last member of her family alive, can you imagine how that must feel?i hated to leave her but the staff in the home where she lives are very good and i know they will keep an eye on her, in fact one of them was off to find her a stiff brandy as i was leaving.well i had better go as i have some things to do,take care everyone may your god go with you
here i am again, roll on friday when it`s my day off, might take myself to the shops for some retail therapy or maybe even window shop, depends how the money situation is,went swimming last night and swam 20 lengths really enjoyed it and when i weighed myself found i had lost 2 pounds which was a surprise, and i`m not even trying to lose weight i`m not one of those silly women who are always watching their weight you are what you are and you can`t change that so if you were meant to be short and dumpy like me enjoy.life is to short to worry about being a size 10 and anyway men like curvy women as long as you eat healthly and don`t live on junk food your weight will maintain a natural state, anyway got to go see you soon xxx
it was my day off today so i took myself off to the city for some retail therapy,i had a lovely time wandering round the shops, and i bought myself a new black handbag in primark for only a fiver,was very pleased with it.it is nice and big for putting all my stuff in, i hate those tiny little bags which only hold a bunch of keys and a mobile phone, a girl needs a big bag to carry allsorts of stuff around with her.which got me thinking.... what does a girl carry around in her handbag? in mine i have a brolly as our english weather is so unpredictable, my purse (a girl needs money)house keys,bus pass,(no i`m not that old my hubby is a busdriver and we get free bus passes)painkillers,mints,lipstick lip gloss,pen,pocket diary,and a bank paying in book, be intresting to hear what you girls carry around with you?
what a week i`ve had! i`ve been looking after a west highland terrier 7 month old puppy while his owners went on holiday, he was so naughty it was unbelievable he arrived at 4pm sunday afternoon, and sunday and monday he wasn`t too bad, tuesday afternoon he escaped from the back garden and nearly gave me a heart attack i found him in my front garden mooching round the flower beds, after a telling off he behaved himself then wednesday morning he was very quiet and i found him chewing up raw potatoes all over my front room carpet which i had to clean up before i went to work,then the rest of the week he chewed up a letter, ripped a cushion, peed on the floor 4 times despite having had long walks an hour before,peed on a cushion attacked the telly everytime an animal was shown, took a dislike to one of hubbys tropical fish and tried to attack it every time it swam around,and was a right pain, i was so glad when his owner picked him up yesterday.my house is now back to normal and stays tidy, and i`m exhausted, see you all later take care xxxxx
hope you all have a very nice christmas, and a happy new year
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sorry i haven`t written in my diary for a while,what with christmas and new year then back at work, then i had a weeks holiday and went away for a few days to stay with my daughter and son in law, my husband and i had a lovely time with them and it was nice to spend a few days with them,we saw their new house which is half built it is it a lovely part of northampton and they will be moving into it in may,we are going to see them,tak again in june and hopefully they will have settled into their new house by then,we also went to stay with my son in laws aunt and uncle in south wales that same week and we got spoiled rotten.we got taken out to dinner in the evenings and also taken out to breakfast in the mornings,despite them both being very busy people and we were made to feel very welcome,we are both back at work now and looking forward to our next holiday in june when we will be going to gran caneria for a week
how are you all doing? i have been very busy with work over the last few months and i have also found a great sight on the net which i spend a lot of time on it is a virtual world /chat room and great fun you can do all sorts on there why dont you take a look at it just go to www.there.com and look me up i am called annwe on there hope you all have fun take care and see you all later

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