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Name of Birth: Destiny Hope Cyrus

Date of Birth: November 23rd 1992

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee

Residence: La Caņada Filtrigde in Los Angeles, California

Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Nickname: Miley

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey, of Water

Parents: Billy Ray Cyrus (singer/actor) and Tish Finley Cyrus

Siblings: Christopher, Braison Chance, Brandi, Trace and Noah Lindsey.

Pets: Loco and Tag (dogs), back at Nashville she's got lots more dogs, cats, horses, chickens and cows.

Hobbies: dancing, cheerleading, singing, playing the guitar and writing music

Instruments she plays: guitar

Favourite Pop singers: Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson and Ashley Simpson.

Favourite Hannah Montana Set: the dressing room and the beach set

Favourite Candy: peach rings, gummy bears and cashews
Her father nicknamed her Miley because since she was baby she has always been full of smiles.

Miley has signed a four-album record deal with Hollywood Records.

Miley spends three hours a day with a tutor.

Despite her amazing smile, Miley is using braces.

Miley wrote one of the songs that will be featured in Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana is set for 27 episodes for its first season.

Hannah Montana's first episode reached over 5 million viewers, the highest ratting for a Disney Channel premiere episode ever.

Gary Marsh, Disney Channel entertainment president said they chose Miley for the role of Hannah Montana because they saw a girl who has this natural ebullience and loves every minute of her life, which shows in her demeanor and performance.

Miley wanted to do Broadway for a long time.

Miley was featured in Rhonda Vincent's music video, "If Heartaches Had Wings".

Miley recently presented her very first Daisy Rock guitar (guitar line made especially for girls) by her parents in front of 30,000 fans of her father.

Miley appeared on the "Country Colgate Showdown" with her father, the host of the program.

Miley appeared in a show of "Crook and Chase" with her father.

Miley has nicknamed High School Musical's Corbin as "ballet boy" because he was always dancing around on set.

Miley taught "Hannah Montana" co-star Emily Osment how to play the guitar.

Emily Osment taught Miley how to knit.

Miley thinks of her Hannah Montana co-stars as family: Emily a sister, Mitchel the one who brings the funny into a bad situation, and Jason as a big brother.

Miley never goes out without a ring now hers but which originally her Dad gave her Mum and is engraved writh the word "Love".

Miley doesn't read much but she enjoyed the book "Girl Talk With God".

Miley says she has tantrums when her Dad says "no", but fortunately it's not often.

Miley's first time to be on a magazine cover ever was on the "PopStar!" September 2006 issue.

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack, released on October 24th 2006, debuted at Number 1 in the US Charts.

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack was the first ever TV soundtrack to debut at Number 1 selling 281,000 copies.

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack outperformed the sales of My Chemical Romance and John Legend in their release week.

Miley also scored a record-setting six debuts on the US singles chart, no other artist has ever achieved such a feat.

The singles were "If We Were a Movie", "I Got Nerve", "Pumpin' Up The Party", "The Other Side Of Me", "This is the Life" and "You Said".

"If We Were A Movie" was highest entry at the charts that same week, comming in at 47.

"Who Said" made a re-entry the week the soundtrack was released.

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