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st trinians

charmed my fav t.v program

Musical:Phantom of the opera,gypsy
Stores:planet funk,Urbun outfitters
childhood book:good night moon
Tween book:A child called it
movie:tim burtons nightmare before christmas
kind of movie: scary
Guys:Cute,funny,sweet,loyal and honest she likes guys with long hair but not to long
actress:Natalie Wood
Prizes pssesion:her fam
car: porsche carerra gt
cartoon series:spongebob

Name:Vanessa anne hudgens
b-day:december 14 1988
birthplace:salinas ca
Heritage; her mums filipeno.chinese and lati her dad is irish and native american
Parents:Greg and Gina
siblings: younger sister stella
pets:1 poodle named shadow,3 turtles 1 fish and 1 bunny

What she thinks of her co-stars
Zac: Georgous
Monique:when she fist met her she had hair like corbins

tv show:American idol,survivor
Movies:Goonies,Batman begins
Candy:rice paper
Fast Food:orange chicken from panda express
Sani:Honey mustard bbq chicken
Ice Cream:cherry garcia
Gum: orbit
Couler: blue

Full name: Zac david alexander efron
b-day: october 18 1987
Birthplace: san luis obispi CA
Righty or lefty:Righty
Parents: David and Staria
Sibling: Younger bro Dylan
pets: 2 australian shepherd dogs and 1 siamese cat

What He Thinks Of The Others
Vanessa: Hot
Ashley: Sweet
Corbin:Big Hair
Lucas: Chill

TV Show:Laguna Beach
Movie:My Best Friends Wedding
Actresses:Brittany Murphy, Julia Roberts
Singer: Billy Joel
Car: Land Rover
Drink: Vanilla Blend From Coffee Bean
Fast Food Restaurant:McDonalds
Sanwich : Peanut butter and jelly
Fashion designer: Bebe
Holiday : Christmas
Fam tradition: To watch Miracle on 34th street with her fam on thanksgiving
Mums Recipe: Caeser salad
Room service order: chocolate milkshakes

Name:Ashley Michelle Tisdale
Nickname:Pookie or pookernut(her fam gave her them)
b-day:July 2 ,1985
Birthplace: Neptune,new jersey
Righty or lefty: Ashley is left handed
Parents: Lisa and Mike
Siblings: Older sister jennifer kelly tisdale
Pets: Maltipoo named blondie



I dont wanna be red i wanna be green waaaaaaaa

Nice outfit

pic pic
[picture not found]

Beautiful Dress


Ashley on A big brother

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a hairdo

God this tan looks terible

Arrrrrrrrrrr little miley

look at that hair enit different

Much Better

Are they Angry

Smiley miley

Ashleys new cd


Nice hairdo
All bout me
name: kristina maria leeson
fav actress: Alyssa Milano
fav food: chocc and pizza
pets: taz
mum: liz
dad: derm
best m8s: zoe,katie,lauren,sadaf,kathy,yas,sophie
Hot Stars:Justin heartly,Tom wellig
Fav tv program:Eastenders,charmed,smallville
Fav movie:St Trinians

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