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This is a Japanese band named Buono! Their names are........(left to right)Airi Suzuki,Momoko Tsugunaga, and Miyabi! This is my favorite band! They wear some of the cutest clothes! I wonder where they get their outfits made at? Here are some of their songs that they have...1.Take it Easy 2.Honto no Jibun 3. Co no mi chi 4.My Boy 5.Kokoro no Tamago 6. Rottara Rottara 7.Gachinko de Ikou 8. Kiss Kiss Kiss 9.Renai Rider 10. Bravo Bravo and 11. (Juicy He@rt)! All their songs are in Japanese sadly, but if you put in english subtitles you'll understand it better! Anyone can listen to this music! It is very catchy! They are very sweet too! This is the main information about Buono! I'll have new information about Buono and more of The Worlds Pop-Culture!

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