Music - Hip-Hop

home sweet home

all of diz sexy ass niggas

patrick owen breeding
bithday:september 19 1990
favorite color black
one fave movie ong-bak
third oldest of brothers
likes basketball
almost fell off the shcool
bus making all i do

bryan jesse breeding
birthday:october 4 1994
favorite color: orange
favorite movie:spiderman 2
youngest of his 5 brothers
joined at age nine
style:hype,yet still cool
once said his sign was a zebra
but meant libra
he loves to make the fans happy

carnell fredrick-hunnicutt breeding
favorite color:red
favorite movie:incredibles
style:laid back,cool,quite,sexy
birthday:november 30 1991
singed withe badboy with his
brothers and formed the group b5
born to micheal and adrien bredding
fliped and landed on his head once
goals in life:read his bible and be perfect

kelly allen breeding
birthday:feb 27 1989
favorite color yellow
second oldest of brothers
rapper of the group
likes acrobacs and video games
chilled sexy likes to have fun

dustin micheal breeding
favorite color:baby blue
birthday:october 1988
nick name:d.diddy
oldest of brothers
play games
help the group with
dance routine

look at my baby i know that he is sexy ass hell so bitches dont hate

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