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If u heard Beyonce's new song Video Phone with Lady Gaga. Please reply and tell me if u like it b/c I don't!!
Is Nicki Minaj new song My Little Freak trying 2 tell da world dat she can have it both ways!(gay & still can do it with men)
Rhianna I have 2 say she is really bringing it right now.
If u heard the song Bedroc by Young Money it is beyond good! I listen 2 it everyday:D

If u hav any thing that has 2 do with Hip-Hop! Send it 2 me @
Could Ciara b da next Aaliyah? Reply bac Yes or No
Is Chris Brown song Crawl trying to bring Rhianna bac 2 Chris or not!

If u like my blog please reply thumbs up or no way!
Wats up with da hair style!

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