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Avril Ramona Lavigne Fans, This Is For You!

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my new blog for Avril Lavigne fans! I am very excited to give anyone who's on the internet reading this right now (lol) lots of info on the very cute, very talented, Avril. Have fun!

Ok, here's Av at the premiere party for her album "The Best Damn Thing." She lookin GORGEOUS as always...hehe! Lol! She has a really nice smile :P

Avril at a movie premiere.

Here, the very cute Av shows off her guitar playing skills and it looks like she's having fun:D

Avie at a photo shoot, obviously looking adorable!!!!!

In this pic I think Avril looks really pretty cuz it's kinda natural. Y'know she's not wearing makeup and she has on sneakers...that's still cute:)

In this photo shoot, as you can see, Avvers is slightly more glamourous and girly looking...haha!!! XD it's a promotional picture for her latest cd, "The Best Damn Thing."

As you can see, Avie-Lavie-Ding-Dong(Cute nickname, huh? Haha rotfl!) is performing and her hair looks absolutely stunning:D

The one thing that I can say 2 Avril in this pic is..."Gurl, u freakin cute!!!!!"XD HAHA!

Some info about Av
Birthday: September 27, 1984
Hometown: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite singer: Alanis Morissette
Some other facts:
-Is best friends with singers Pink and Vanessa Carlton
-Has sold about 29,000,000 records in her career (2002-present)
-Her first album "Let Go" sold 16,000,000 copies
-Her second album "Under My Skin" sold 8,000,000 copies
-Her third album "The Best Damn Thing" sold 5,000,000 copies
(BTW, They all ROCK!!!!!!)
-Says her favorite song of all time is "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls
-One of her favorite bands is Blink182(I'm a fan as well:D)
Thanks 2 and wikipedia 4 a little bit of this info!

This is Av in her video for "Complicated." It's a really cool video and she looks SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!:D
If you wanna submit some info/pics, have any questions/comments, or want to show me the link to a website about avril...etc pretty please do email me!!!!! Oh and pretty pretty please with chocolate fudge muffins on top do the survey/forum! Thank you!!!!

Sup, everyone? Haha! Check out this awesome pic I found!

This is Ms. Lavigne performing on her "Best Damn Tour." She is having a show in Pennsylvania on August 1st and I'm's gonna be great!!!!!!

Avril's first album entitled "Let Go"
Here is the tracklisting
1.Losing Grip
3.Sk8er Boi
4.I'm With You
8.Anything But Ordinary
9.Things I'll Never Say
10.My World
11.Nobody's Fool
12.Too Much Too Ask
-The singles included "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", "Losing Grip", and "I'm With You" in the United states. In Australia and New Zealand, "Mobile" was also released as a single.

This is Avril's second album "Under My Skin."
1.Take Me Away
3.Don't Tell Me
4.He Wasn't
5.How Does It Feel
6.My Happy Ending
7.Nobody's Home
9.Who Knows
10.Fall To Pieces
11.Freak Out
12.Slipped Away
-In the United States, "Don't Tell Me" was the first single, while "Take Me Away" was released as the first single in Canada. The other singles included "My Happy Ending", "HE Wasn't", "Nobody's Home", and "Fall To Pieces."

Avril's newest album entitled "The Best Damn Thing"
2.I Can Do Better
4.The Best Damn Thing
5.When You're Gone
6.Everything Back But You
9.I Don't Have To Try
10.One Of Those Girls
12.Keep Holding On
-The singles include "Keep Holding On", "Girlfriend", "When You're Gone", "Hot", "The Best Damn Thing", and "Innocence."
Hey, everyone! Here are some websites that I like to visit, they are about Avril mostly but some are about other artists I like. If you want to check them out some time, they're really cool.
Ashlee Star
Punk Princess
Ashlee Source
Hayley Willaims
Sara Bareilles

This is Avril performing in 2007.

This is a lovely pic...her smile is so cute!

This pic is from the photo shoot for her latest album "The Best Damn Thing."

Avie, u look gr8 here!!!

The beautiful and talented Ms. Avril at The American Music Awards.

This isn't a very current pic, as her hair isn't dyed blonde. But, her shirt is really cute!

Av looks SO pretty in this pic! I love her nails.

Aww, look at the expression on her's so cute!

A cute pic of Avril in Miami.

I am LOVING that dress on her, it looks so pretty!

Her eye makeup is awesome here.

She is friggin GORGEOUS in this pic!

Avril doing what she does best...singing! LOL, her voice is simply beautiful.

That dress is just GORGEOUS!!! She looks lovely here!

Avie is performing in this pic and she seems to be having a great time!

Another pic of Avril performing in concert.

Awwwwwwwww, she's sooooo cute!

This is an adorable pic 2!!!!! Av is a cutie!!!!

Holy crap, her sweater is SO cute...I would wear it!
My favorite song of all time! Avril's song "Things I'll Never Say." Listen to the lyrics, it's SO cute...aww! Thanks to shelbythefish for adding this video on!

Another promotional picture for her latest album entitled "The Best Damn Thing."

Ok, umm...this is a picture of Avril. That's about all I have to say LOL! Oh, yeah, and she's wearing an awesome black and white scarf...haha LOL!

Doesn't she look SO adorable here?

OMG, that dress looks so cute on you, Avie! Haha!

One word: HOT!!!

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