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Advice: School, Boys, Life, Girls. You name it, you got the ADVICE!

Welcome to my blog, where you get the advice you need! No more embarassing stuff for you!

Everyone has problems, and we all know that. Whether it's all about boys, school, love, or whatever, problems occur and i believe it needs to be dealt with. Tell me your problems, and I'll tell you your solution!

Dealing with crushes? Feel like your dream guy is not noticing you? Don't panic! Just tell me - you'll solve the problem right away! You know you can tell me anything. Writing down your problems to someone makes you feel all better. Just e-mail me anytime!

Oooh! Dealing with a bully? No fear! Everyone's feelings would get hurt once in a while. Don't worry. I know everything about them. *winks!* ;D

Yes, we all know school sucks. You might get bored out of your skull. I've got some VERY good activities to get you out of boredom jail ... very secretive, no teacher can find out...hehehe. (JK)

Girl stuff? Make-up, shopping, blah blah blah. Yes we girls love that! But what happens when embarassing stuff happen? Oh no! From wearing the most babyish shirts (like barney!) to polka dottie underwear, to hair down your back. Ick. Advice here, whatcha waiting for?

Grossed out by school lunch? Write fast! Before you loose you appetite---nooooooo! xD

Oh no! Broken heart? Need a shoulder to cry on? Use this page! Cry your words out, I'll be more than happy to help you! D':

Yes, yes, yes! Cute pictures for your blogs!(Just in cas you need to get advice on making your blog cuter or fancier!) Email me at my email and you'll recieve some pics for your topic right away!

Nooo end of page! Well, I guess you can always e-mail me to find out more about this website right? Obsessions, problems... my motto? You get the problem, you get the advice. So why wait? Tell me anything!

Cindy aka Sundae(call me that if you like!)

If you feel uncomfortable writing about your issues in the forum, please email me at this email address: F33LiNG.G00D@gmail.com. Thank you! (It'll be cool if you want to be friends, and I wanna be yours too! if you are here to email me for advice, please start of with : Advice Needed so I know. Thank you!) :]

I have a schedule like everyone else, so when I'm not online, I can't email you back. So just check the schedule and check if I've answered you when I'm free.

Monday & Friday: Free from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M. (Unless it's no school, Free the whole time!)
Tuesday to Thursday: Free from 3:50 to 7: 50 P.M.
Saturday: Free from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M.
Sunday: 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Loves! XOXO,

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